Friday, May 31, 2013

UN investigators say most Syria rebels are not seeking democracy

Most Syrian rebel fighters do not want democracy and the country's civil war is producing ever worse atrocities and increasing radicalization, independent UN investigators said on Tuesday
Speaking to reporters in Paris, Brazilian expert Paulo Pinheiro said his team of investigators had documented horrific crimes on both sides, although the scale of those committed by President Basher al-Assad's forces was greater
"It was said the rebels were angels, but there is only a minority of fighters with a democratic history who believe in the Syrian mosaic and want a state for all," he said

"The majority of rebels are very far from having democratic thoughts and have other aspirations"
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The issue of profiling and border questioning of arselifters

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Zoomali militants publish pictures of US dron they 'shot down'

Zoomali militants who claim to have shot down a US dron during a gunfight with African forces have published photographs of what appear to be its mangled remains
The Camcopter S-100, made by Austrian arms manufacturer Scheibel, crashed on Tuesday in southern Zoomalia, where African troops are fighting pislamist al shabaab insurgents

Al shabaab released the pictures through its English language Twitter account, boasting: 'This one will no longer be able to spy on koranimals again. So much for the empty rhetoric on the drone program!'
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'Terrible mistakes': Gaza's cycle of revenge

In November 2012, war came once again to the Gaza Strip. For eight days Falesimian militants fired off hundreds of homemade rockets across the border into Israel, while the Israeli army launched over 1,500 air strikes on the small territory
By the time a ceasefire was declared three Israelis were dead and 174 Falesimians. Triple J Hack presenter Sophie McNeill travelled to Gaza to investigate the heavy price civilians paid in the conflict

Piles of rubble mark the place where Abdullah Al Dalu's family home once stood in Gaza
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'Hezbollah cell' uncovered in Nigeria

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Plight of Syrian refugees stranded near Jordan border worsens

Thousands of Syrian refugees stranded near the closed border with Jordan, including mothers and babies, are running out of food and many need medical treatment, aid workers and refugees said on Wednesday
Jordan closed its northern border about 10 days ago after offering refuge to hundreds of thousands of Syrians who have fled violence since the revolt against President Basher al-Assad's rule began in March 2011
Syrians trying to enter through unofficial border crossings have also been turned back. Jordanian officials have given no explanation for the closure, according to refugees and aid workers who have had first-hand contact with border authorities
The kingdom has since allowed only a handful of refugees across. Even civilians seeking medical treatment have been turned back and only critically wounded people have entered, according to aid workers
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'Diversity in Germany has become reality'

Two decades after one of the worst instances of anti-foreigner violence, racism still exists in Germany. But society has changed and, in an era of globalization, migration is normal, writes Der Tagesspiegel's Peter von Becker
Twenty years ago, two women of Turkish descent and three young girls were killed in their home during a far-right arson attack in Solingen, North-Rhine Westphalia. Three days earlier, on May 26th 1993, Germany's asylum laws were drastically tightened. It appeared at the time as a bleak triumph for xenophobes especially given earlier pogroms and racist attacks in places such as Hoyerswerda, Rostock and Mölln
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Cairo Opera House fights pislamification: Arselifter Brotherhood accused of imposing pislamist agenda

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Circassian activists in Turkey receive boost from Erdopig

On May 21, Circassians worldwide marked the 149th anniversary of the end of the Russo-Caucasian war. In the North Caucasus, the largest republic with a Circassian population, Kabardino-Balkaria, held multiple events marking the anniversary
Circassian claims received an unexpected boost from Turkey during the 149th anniversary of the war’s end. Selahattin Demirtaş, the chairman of the Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party in Turkey, spoke in favor of Turkey recognizing the Circassian genocide, which gave an important international boost to Circassian claims
“Turkey traditionally does not welcome topics related to genocide and pogroms,” Demirtaş said, “This morning, Circassian associations held protest actions in front of the Russian Embassy. In our turn, we intend to propose that parliament recognize the Circassian genocide and promote publicity for this issue in the international political arena”

Circassian activists in Turkey, which has the largest Circassian diaspora in the world, numbering up to 5 million people

Tunisia: topless protesters to face trial

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Miranda Devine spends a day at Lakemba moske

Thousands of warshippers gather at the Lakemba moske every Friday for weekly preyers. Miranda Devine joined them and quickly discovered a wardrobe malfunction - in the form of a jacket not long enough to cover her pants
Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine, in the light of some recent horrific events having again focused the world’s eyes on pislam, explores whether an outsider is accepted in the arselifter community
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As Syrian pislamists make gains, it's rebel against rebel

In parts of this battle-torn country, a second civil war has begun
In the north and east bordering Turkey and Irak, a stretch of Syria in rebel hands has split into competing fiefs. In some places, pislamist extremists with agendas that extend far beyond Syria are pushing aside the rebel battalions that started the insurgency against Basher al-Assad's regime in 2011
The resulting chaos has fragmented the rebel fight and created a playground for al kaeda just as a US debate heats up over how deeply to get involved

Damaged areas in Deir al-Zour, an eastern city, in March

US woman among Syrian rebel dead: Nicole Mansfield of Michigan reverted to pislam 5 years ago

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Australian pislamist: Pentagon a legit target; arselifter blood more dear than that of Western victims

'Westerners' killed in government ambush in Syria

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Iran set up terrorist networks in Latin America says Argentine prosecutor

An Argentine prosecutor accused Iran on Wednesday of establishing terrorist networks in Latin America dating back to the 1980s and said he would send his findings to courts in the affected countries
State prosecutor Alberto Nisman is investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people. Argentine courts have long accused Iran of sponsoring the attack
Iran, which remains locked in a stand-off with world powers over its disputed nuclear program, denies links to the blast. No one was immediately available to comment at the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires on Wednesday
In a 500-page-long document, Nisman cited what he said was evidence of Iran's "intelligence and terrorist network" in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname - among others

The 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires
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Attacking Sydney's 'enclaves of pislam'

A controversial anti-pislamic political leader who says he is prepared to die for his cause has denied he is inflaming violence with a talk about "arselifter enclaves" at Blacktown tonight
Police are on alert for the speech by Rise Up Australia Party national president Daniel Nalliah at the town's RSL and have warned Mr Nalliah and the local community to say nothing that "might incite violent or criminal behaviour"
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Father says FBI 'executed unarmed son'

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Father accuses FBI of murdering son linked to Boston bomber

The father of a Chechen man killed while being interrogated over his ties to a Boston bombing suspect has accused the FBI of executing his son
The FBI says Ibragim Todashev, 27, was shot when he suddenly attacked an agent during questioning at his apartment in Miami last week

Abdulbaki Todashev holds photographs of his son's body
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Terror suspect charged with theft

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Minister warns Husby unrest may fuel prejudice

Sweden's Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag warned on Thursday that the unrest in Stockholm's outer suburbs last week may lead to prejudices about the people who live there
Ullenhag shared the message while speaking to a group of around 100 school students in Tensta, one of Husby's neighbouring districts that was also targeted by vandals last week
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Michigan sharmuta who was reverted to pislam by her arabpig husband shot dead while fighting for Syrian rebels

Nicole Lynn Mansfield was shot dead by Syrian government forces along with two other Westerners - reportedly both British - The 33-year-old is from Flint, Michigan and reverted to pislam several years ago following marriage to an arabpig arselifter
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CAIR lawsuit claims U.S. arselifters detained, asked about religion

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Angry young men hijack sport icon

They carry jihad in their hearts - and Lonsdale logos across their chests
Fashion by the UK clothing giant - preferably hoodies - has been hijacked by the angry young koranimals of Sydney
The moniker sits uneasily for a famous sports company that has gone out of its way to distance itself from racism in the past and has become the leading global brand for young men and women. The international sporting giant - owned by Sports Direct - is a multi-million-dollar company
At protests and in court it is Lonsdale or nothing

Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai, 23, turned up at court on Tuesday in his white Lonsdale hoodie after being arrested by Australian counter-terrorism police
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Paki pislamist suspected of attacks on shities

Silly hat, weard and finger
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Fauci: New virus not yet a 'threat to the world'

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Gitmo guard reverts to pislam, demands release of detainees

Terry Holdbrooks was deployed to the Guantanamo Bay detention center to guard detainees. The Phoenix, Ariz., resident has become a devout arselifter and an unlikely advocate for the prisoners’ rights
Terry Holdbrooks reverted to pislam in December 2003 after speaking with the prisoners he was guarding at Guantanamo Bay
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Mokhtar Belmokhtar, you are fired!

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Banglatrash: bringing in the rice harvest the very old-fashioned way

Banglatrashi farmers transport rice sheafs with oxen

Assad says Syria has received Russian missile shipment

President Basher al-Assad of Syria said in a television interview to be broadcast on Thursday that Russia had delivered an S-300 air defense missile system to his country, weapons that Israel has said present a threat to its security and against which it is willing to use force
A senior Israeli official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of diplomatic constraints, said on Thursday that the S-300 missile systems “do not just come in a box” and that different elements would probably be delivered in stages. It is possible, he said, that some parts have arrived in Syria, but there is no indication at this stage that the systems are anywhere near operational
The Syrian government and the opposition have hardened their positions in recent days, casting doubt on the future of the proposed talks as each side declares a starting point that is thoroughly unacceptable to the other

Israel has lobbied Russia not to deliver the S-300 missiles to Syria. Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon warned on Tuesday that Israel would view such a move as a threat and that it could prompt an Israeli reaction
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EDL hack attack: English Defence League member info hacked by Anonymous online activists

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Opposition calls for inquiry into how convicted Egyptian terrorist was cleared for community detention

The Federal Opposition is calling for an independent inquiry into the Australian Government's handling of an asylum application by an Egyptian man who is a convicted terrorist and murderer
The arselifter and his family arrived in Australia in May last year and he was mistakenly cleared by ASIO to be released into community detention in the Adelaide Hills

A convicted Egyptian terrorist was held in low-security detention for nearly eight months
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Religious demands at work rising in French urban areas

Sociologists say most religious demands at work come from the large arselifter minority, with some also from orthodox Jews and evangelical Christians
Close to half the staff managers at companies in French urban areas have seen problems arising from religious demands by employees and expect them to increase in future, according to a new study issued on Tuesday
Listing faith-related problems, the new study said some men refused to take orders from a woman boss or shake hands with women and some refused to handle alcohol or pok products
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CAIR rep on CNN to discuss demand for probe of FBI shooting of 'unarmed' koriminal

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Greece: Afghan with swastikas throws woman over coastal wall

Police in Corfu have arrested an illegal Afghan immigrant after he robbed a 20-year-old student and callously threw her over an eight-meter coastal wall. Police were surprised to find the Afghan had tattoos of swastikas and other Nazi symbols on his body
Pantelis Haidos, the father of the young history student that was viciously attacked, described her ordeal to Zougla. He said she was returning home from a night out with friends when the alien Afghan robbed her. The young woman immediately handed over her purse when the robber demanded it, but as two cars approached the Afghan threw the Greek girl over the coastal wall
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Turkey stakes claim in America with $100 million mega-moske

The building of this center takes Turkey's "outreach" in America out of the realm of the subtle
The government of Turkey is building a 15-acre, $100 million mega-moske in Lanham, Maryland. Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan visited the site on May 15 as part of his official visit to the U.S.. The state of Maryland was officially represented at the event by its Secretary of State John McDonough

A drawing of Turkey's $100 million mega-moske complex being built in Maryland
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Hidden Pattern? Arselifter element in gang rape cases ignored by UK govt

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Trial begins in Tunisia of 'Femen' activist

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French feminists held after baring all in Tunisia

Two French women and one German, members of activist group Femen, were arrested in Tunisia on Wednesday, after baring their breasts outside a courthouse in Tunis. Their leader in Paris told The Local, "We are ready for any reaction"
One of three European members of Femen arrested in Tunis, Tunisia on May 29th. Her torso is painted with the words "Breast Feed Revolution"
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Standing up to Golden Dawn in Greece

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“Black Panthers” to stand up to Golden Dawn

The ongoing crisis in Greece has led to a considerable rise in racist attacks across the country and to a substantial rise in support for the extreme right Golden Dawn party. In an effort to defend himself against such attacks one man is fighting back
According to the report, Michael Chege and a group of friends have set up a brigade, dubbed the “Black Panthers,” to patrol their neighborhood at night. The move came after several encounters with Golden Dawn members
“I am a member of the Black Panthers and everybody knows that. So I am giving them [Golden Dawn] a straight warning – don’t mess with black people, anyhow. And I mean it,” said Chege

African migrants in Greece protest
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Man sets dog 'Adolf' on neighbour in racist attack

A dog-owner in the south of France was given a jail sentence for setting his dogs, one named "Adolf", on a neighbour, a Frenchman of North African origins, it was reported this week. The accused is said to have shouted “Get the Arabs!” before unleashing his mutts
A resident of Lunel, southern France is alleged to have named his two German shepherds 'Adolf' and 'Blondi' and ordered them to 'Get the Arabs!' before attacking a neighbour
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Libel on PA TV: Israel spreads drugs to destroy the minds of Falesimian youth

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Rome paid African asylum shoppers to move to Germany

“Italy pays immigrants to go to Germany,” headlines Italy's Linkiesta, quoting an accusation by the Hamburg immigration office
The city’s authorities say they have arrested around 300 African immigrants holding expired temporary permits issued in Italy and demanded they be removed. The immigrants said they were explicitly told by Italian officials to head to Germany, the destination of choice for most immigrants arriving in the EU through Mediterranean country, and were given up to €500 if they agreed
According to the news site, Italian authorities have tacitly admitted their responsibility and declared themselves ready to take back the immigrants. Most of them were accepted as refugees because they fled the civil war in Libya in 2011 and the subsequent wave of xenophobic attacks, which followed Muammar Gaydaffi’s demise
The problem is that they are citizens of “countries listed as democratic like Ghana, Togo and Nigeria”, writes La Repubblica, meaning that in Germany they are not eligible for asylum granted to those fleeing violence
News reports, in English, here and, in German, here.

Family's plea

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Cops swoop on vile hate preacher Choudary’s protect him

Police yesterday rushed to the home of hate preacher Anjem Choudary — to protect him and his family
Officers helped them flee their home and go into hiding amid fears they could be attacked by a mob seeking vengeance for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby
Choudary’s wife and children were driven away under police escort to a secret address, while officers were left to guard the house
There was no sign of Choudary himself, and a neighbour said he had been seen slipping out early yesterday morning
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Afghan jihadis attack Red Cross office

koranderthals in suicide vests stormed a Red Cross compound in eastern Afghanistan, the second insurgent attack on a humanitarian organization in the country in less than a week, one of two attacks Wednesday that signaled a widening offensive
Earlier in the day, a taliban suicide squad tried to storm the provincial government compound in Afghanistan's Panjshir Valley, taking the war to an area that has been the heart of anti-taliban resistance, and largely been spared from bloodshed
One suicide bomber blew himself up at the gate of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jalalabad on Wednesday, police officials said, and another entered the compound, triggering a gunbattle with Afghan security forces
Around two hours after the attack began, the exchange of fire subsided and security forces confirmed the second bomber was dead, according to Ministry of Interior spokesman Sedik Sediki. At least one guard was killed and one foreign employee was wounded and seven foreign staff members were evacuated. Sediki said local police in Jalalabad led the operations to clear the ICRC compound

An Afghan Police officer inspects the office of the Red Cross following a koranderthal attack. The ICRC, a Geneva-based humanitarian organization that maintains neutrality in the Afghan conflict, doesn't have armed guards or allow weapons on its premises
News reports here and here.

Killer's friends 'unknowingly hid wife's body'

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Middle East SARS virus growing and spreading from arselifter countries to Europe with travellers

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'I haven't been in touch since before 2007'

Squirming hate preacher Choudary backtracks on links to soldier 'killer' after originally claiming he saw him two years ago
A man identified as Michael Adebolajo (circled) pictured at a demonstration in Paddington Green, London, in 2007 with Anjem Choudary

Happiness for a jihadi is cutting a throat

Boko haram claims Nigeria army assault failing

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Australia's Generation jihad is homegrown

The message from the young arselifters was blunt: "You're not in Australia now"
They weren't standing on a street in Irak, Afghanistan or Lebanon. This is Bankstown

Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzii, 23, has been under surveillance by counter-terrorism police since he was 19 and this week was arrested for allegedly threatening to "slit the throat" of an officer, a court heard on Tuesday
News article here.

CAIR says Ga. moske vandalism may be tied to London incident

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Can't argue with this

Pokistan: polio team pulled from Peshawar in the wake of latest polio worker killing

The World Health Organization on Tuesday withdrew polio-vaccination teams from the northwestern Paki city of Peshawar after two volunteers were shot, in another setback to eradicating the crippling disease that remains resilient in the region
A 19-year-old female vaccinator was killed and a 20-year-old one was critically injured in Tuesday's attack in Peshawar's Shaik Mahoundi area, a WHO official said. While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, the Paki taliban have repeatedly targeted polio workers in the past. Last week, a policeman escorting a polio-vaccination team was gunned down in the country's troubled northwest

A policeman protected a health worker vaccinating against polio in pislamabad in December 2012

Crowd gathers to remember Lee Rigby

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Aid groups say Mali bedouins under threat

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Paki taliban number two 'killed in dron attack'

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Dron strike is said to kill a top Paki taliban figure

A suspected American dron strike killed the deputy leader of the Paki taliban early Wednesday, two Paki officials said, dealing a potentially serious blow to an insurgency that has killed thousands of people in Pokistan and encouraged pislamist attacks in the United States
The deputy leader, Wali ur-Rehman, was among five people killed when missiles fired from a dron struck a house just outside Miram Shah, the main town in the trible district of North Waziristan, two Paki security officials said
A taliban commander, speaking in a telephone interview on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that Rehman, who had a $5 million United States bounty on his head, had been killed

Wali ur-Rehman (C), deputy leader of the Paki taliban, in 2011

Well and truly wrecked?

Paki security officials are pictured at the site of a bomb attack on a vehicle used by security forces on the outskirts of Quetta, the capital of restive Balochistan province. A bomb planted in a rickshaw tore through a vehicle used by security forces in southwest Pokistan on Thursday killing at least 12 people, police said

CAIR wants civil rights probe of Todashev death

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Why can't Rohingyans have more than two children?

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'These filthy unbelievers are pigs'

Woolwich terror jihadi's rant at rally to incite youngsters
Woolwich terror suspect Michael Adebolajo was filmed encouraging 1,500 followers to turn against Britain in a hate-filled rant on the anniversary of 9/11. Video footage unearthed by the Daily Mail shows the killer addressing a crowd of young koranimals outside a moske in north London. Film of the extremist rant follows the revelation – the day after the slaughter of Drummer Lee Rigby last week – of photos of Adebolajo standing behind hate preacher Anjem Choudary outside Paddington Green police station six years ago

Feminists protest in Tunisia over jailed fellow activist

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SARS-like virus linked to Middle East

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Silly sunni hats in Iran

Germany's state news agency Deutsche Welle complains: Iran's Guardian Council gave the go-ahead to eight presidential candidates after sifting through 700 applicants which included 30 women but no representatives of ethnic or religious minorities. Why?
It is because they are not shities. In fact, although the article does not mention in, Supreme Dalek Ayatollah Khamenei is of part Azerbaijani descent

There are about two million Turkmens (sunni) in Iran

Buddhist mobs burn moske and arselifter school in Burma; Aung San Suu Kyi condemns two-child limit

Security forces on Wednesday struggled to bring peace to a northern city in Burma after Buddhist mobs set fire to a moske, an arselifter school and shops, the latest outbreak of religious violence in Burma and a sign that radical strains of Buddhism may be spreading to a wider area of the country
The violence afflicting the city, Lashio, near the border with China, is hundreds of miles from towns and villages affected by religious violence earlier this year
One arselifter man was killed and four Buddhists were wounded in the clashes, said U Wai Lin, an official with the Information Ministry in Lashio

A moske burns in Lashio in northern Burma

Russian streetfighting - Russians vs. arselifters

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Hat tip to Bruce.

How the EDL has exploited a murder

Daniel Trilling 'reports' on the "far-right" rally at Downing Street on Bank Holiday Monday
EDL supporters shout slogans at the rally
Pile of Leftist claptrap here.

Arselifters at a moske in Tokyo

Pitched battles to save park in pistanbul

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Woolwich backlash: Ten attacks on moskes since murder of Drummer Lee Rigby

As the number of pislamophobic incidents continues to increase, EDL raises temperature with London march
Kevin Caroll, EDL deputy leader, addresses supporters of the "far-right" English Defence League (EDL) near Downing Street in central London
News article here.

CAIR-MN demands DOE investigate video of school altercation

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Bad break for Great Harwood teenage thug

A teenage koranimal picking on a young boy suffered a broken arm when a passer-by intervened
Arsalan pislam was one of three drunken youths who rampaged through Blackburn town centre assaulting and threatening people

pislam, 18, of Park Street, Great Harwood, pleaded guilty to assaulting James Pearson, racially aggravated threatening behaviour and threatening behaviour
News report here.

U.S. oil boom divides OPEC

The American energy boom is deepening splits within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, threatening to drive a wedge between African and arabpig members as OPEC grapples with a revolution in the global oil trade
OPEC members gathering on Friday in Vienna will confront a disagreement over the impact of rising U.S. shale-oil production, with the most vulnerable countries arguing that the group should prepare for production cuts to prop up prices if they fall any lower
African OPEC members such as Algeria and Nigeria—which produce oil of similar grade to shale oil—are suffering the worst effects from the North American oil boom. Nigeria Oil Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke deemed U.S. shale oil a "grave concern"
Gulf countries, notably Soddy Barbaria, pass relatively unscathed—and are the only OPEC members with the flexibility to cut production. But they are unlikely to let that happen at Friday's meeting, several OPEC delegates said

An oil field in financially-stressed Algeria

Afghan officials say suicide assault repulsed

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Thailand: spate of killings in the South; new korangutan YouTube video of demands released

The korangutans in southern Thailand have carried out six attacks killing five people and injuring seven in the past three days. In addition, the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) separatist movement released another propaganda video on YouTube on Friday, May 24, ahead of the next round of peace talks scheduled for June 13
On Sunday May 26 a farmer on a rubber plantation in Narathiwat was shot dead. Investigators said the woman was travelling to work on her motorcycle. A korangutan hiding along the roadside shot her as she arrived at the plantation
On Monday May 27 a paramilitary ranger was killed and three others injured by a bomb explosion at a shelter beside a school in Pattani. The rangers were taking a rest at the shelter after escorting teachers to the school

Security officers stand guard in front of the school in Pattani Monday

Police snare France's 'most wanted' man

Police in the suburbs of Paris tracked down and arrested the notorious fugitive Redoine Faid in the early hours of Wednesday. Faid had been on the run since a daring prison break on April 13th, during which he held four prison guards hostage
Police tracked down and arrested the notorious escaped prisoner Redoine Faid in the early hours of Wednesday morning at a hotel in Seine-et-Marne, a suburb of Paris
News report here.

Paris stabbing: prosecutor says stabbing was religiously motivated

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Police question jihadi in UK soldier's murder

Police have begun questioning one of the jihadis in the brutal murder of a British soldier in London following his release from hospital
Michael Adebowale, 22, was taken into police custody on Tuesday as the family of his co-accused, Michael Adebolajo, issued a statement expressing their "profound shame and distress" over the murder of soldier Lee Rigby

A man wearing a Help the Heroes T-shirt looks at floral tributes left at the scene where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed outside Woolwich Barracks in London
News report here.

Analysis: Burma sectarian violence erupts anew

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Integration, anger, and the Stockholm riots

As the unrest in Stockholm's suburbs begins to wane, liberal commentator Nima Sanandaji argues that failed integration policies aren't the only explanation for why the Swedish capital has been plagued by violence in recent days
The world has been tuning in to the social unrest in Stockholm, vividly demonstrated by the images of burning cars. Many are shocked by such levels of violence and unrest in idyllic Sweden. What happened to the society famous for social cohesion? Why are angry young men throwing stones and burning cars, and what can we do to stop them from doing so?
News article here.

Niger: Population explosion threatens development gains; fears about interrupted grain imports

If the people of Niger (Nigeriens) remain uninformed about family planning and keep reproducing at the current rate the country’s population will more than quadruple by 2050, imposing unmanageable demands on the economy, social services and the environment, according to research by Niger’s national statistics agency
Niger’s population is counted by the Institute for National Statistics (INS), which compiles its own data through national surveys and censuses and by collaborating with UN agencies. It calculates the current rate of population growth is 3.3% every year. If that growth continues, there will be 56 million people living in Niger by 2050, compared to 13.5 million today, the INS says. In 1960, Niger’s population was just 1.7 million

Russian arms for Assad: Israel warns Kremlin not to ship anti-aircraft missiles to Syria

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Russia to send more missiles to Syrian regime as EU lifts arms embargo on Syrian rebels

Russia has said it will go ahead with deliveries of advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Damascus as it accused the EU of “throwing fuel on the fire” of the Syrian war by lifting an arms embargo to rebels
The UK and France have won the freedom to supply weapons to Syrian rebel groups after they succeeded in dismantling the arms embargo Monday despite of determined opposition from fellow member states
Alexander Grushko, Moscow’s ambassador to NATO, told journalists that Russia would fulfil a contract signed in 2010 to supply President’s Basher al-Assad regime with S-300 surface-to-air missiles, equivalent to the US Patriot, with a 200km range
“We will fulfil the signed contracts. Russia has been acting in total compliance with international law,” he said. Grushko’s comments come despite private doubts among Russian officials and analysts that the deliveries will take place

The Russian decision was strongly condemned by two Israeli government officials. Yuval Steinitz, intelligence minister, said the missiles, which have a range of up to 300km, could strike “deep into the other side’s territory” and attack aircraft over Tel Aviv
News reports: EU arms embargo here; Russian missiles here; Israeli reaction here.

Revert admits stabbing French soldier

French prosecutors said on Wednesday that a 21-year-old suspect arrested earlier in the day has admitted to stabbing a French soldier in the neck on Saturday evening. Prosecutors said the suspect was a recent revert to pislam and was known to police
A police officer escorts a 22-year-old radical arselifter (R) into Paris police headquarters. The man is suspected of stabbing a French soldier on May 25th in Paris
News report here.