Monday, July 28, 2014

pislamic group rallies in Saskatoon for people in Gaza

Pro-Falesimian group marches down 8th Street Saturday night
Hundreds of people marched down 8th Street in Saskatoon Saturday night demanding the Canadian government take a different stance on the middle east crisis
Members of the association say the rally is an expression of their dismay over the treatment of the people living in the crisis zone
More than 1000 Falesimians have died since July 8 when Israel launched its offensive, which it says is in response to hamas rockets being fired into Israel
Omaer Jamil, president of Saskatoon's chapter of the pislamic Association of Saskatchewan, said the issue hits close to home for some of his group's Falesimian members
"We want to see the Canadian government stand up and really just say, 'this is not anybody's right... to literally just annihilate an entire group of people'," Jamil explained
The group hopes the rally will draw attention to the suffering of people engaged in the conflict
"pislam is against the killing of innocent people, of hurting innocent people anywhere at any time —plain and simple as that," Jamil said
Roughly 300 people attended the rally on Saturday night. They started at 222 Copland Crescent and marched down 8th Street

Roughly 300 pro-Falesimian people marched down 8th Street in Saskatoon Saturday night
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99 arselifters with their butts in the air

If one were to go off, there'd be no more arselifters with their butts in the air

UN calls for cease-fire in Gaza

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Arselifters complain of ill-treatment by police

The arselifter community in Lusaka says it is concerned about the increased human rights abuse against its general membership by government authorities in Zambia
And the arselifter community says there is no chance or room for gay-ism in their religion - pislam
In four separate petitions to the Legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission in Chawama, representatives of the arselifter community told the commission that their members are facing discrimination and violation of their human rights in courts, prisons, police stations and in many other public institutions where they are forced to do what is against the koranus
Chawama moske Youth Forum Leader Elias Sinkala told the Commission that arselifters in Zambia are not recognized as citizens as they are un-candidly treated in courts such as taking oath using the bible and told to remove their head gears especially at police stations
He explained that forcing arselifters to take off their head gear at police stations is a violation of their human rights as individual who
belong to a religion which is recognized by the constitution
And commenting on homosexual practices in Zambia, Mr. Sinkala said his religion has no room for such as his religion only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman or two [sic]
Mr. Sinkala stated that pislam does not allow men to marry fellow men saying doing so was against the law
And Nancy Musa who was representing the Chawama moske narrated how she was made to remove her head scuff at the National Registration Office for her to take her side photo
Ms. Musa however said she was shocked to see celebrities who were in dreads where not treated in the same manner
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RT whines 'Oh Irony! US joins Gaza peace calls while being major arms supplier to Israel'

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More like Hell than Gaza

Wearing a protective fire retardant suit George Kourounis descends into the The Door to Hell in Derweze in Ahal Province, Turkmenistan
The Door to Hell is noted for its natural gas fire which has been burning continuously since it was lit by Soviet petrochemical engineers in 1971. The fire is fed by the rich natural gas deposits in the area. The pungent smell of burning sulfur pervades the area for some distance

Chikungunya hits Long Island – and Schumer wants action to stop spread

West Nile makes its annual appearance in NYC as well
The first thing to know about Chikungunya is there is no cure
The second thing is it’s a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes, which has spread like wildfire from Africa and Asia to the Caribbean and South America
The third is that while the disease is rarely fatal, victims can suffer excruciating muscle pain, along with headache, nausea and rashes. Patients usually recover in a week, but symptoms can go on for months
The fourth is it has hit Long Island, and U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer has raised the alarm
At least three Long Islanders have contracted travel-related cases of Chikungunya, bringing the number to 30 across New York State. Sen. Schumer wants the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue an immediate health alert for medical professionals to help contain the outbreak
He also called on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to declare a “public emergency” in the Caribbean and other countries, so the U.S. can deploy protocols similar to those used in 2009 during the Mexican swine flu outbreak. These include port-of-entry and food inspections
“Chikungunya has now officially reached Long Island, and the feds must act before this debilitating virus spreads further and takes hold in New York,” Sen. Schumer said Thursday
While Chickungunya is not often fatal, it can be highly debilitating. According to the World Health Organization, the name “Chikungunya” derives from a word in the Kimakonde language, meaning "to become contorted" and describes the stooped appearance of sufferers

U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer has raised the alarm about Chikungunya disease, which has spread to Long Island
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Jerusalem imam: Egypt should annex Gaza, lead arabpig armies in annihilating the Juice

Local arselifters to celebrate eid on Monday after ‘tough’ farting month

Arselifters in Oakland County and across the U.S., will celebrate Monday as eid, a day that marks the end of the farting month of ramadamadingdong
This year, however, ramadamadingdong has been what many call a “tough” month, as practicing arselifters had to go without food and liquids for as long as 18 hours or more in parts of the U.S.
Because ramadamadingdong is a lunar month, it happens to fall during different seasons of the year. And this year, and for the coming few years as well, the farting hours will be the longest and the hottest
“It is very tough,” said Imam Al-Masmari, who leads the preyers at the Arselifter Unity Center in Bloomfield Hills. “But that’s the whole essence of farting, that you struggle. You strive and do good overcoming your desires”
A recent study by the Harvard Kennedy School showed that during the month of ramadamadingdong, human productivity in arselifter countries drops, affecting the country’s economy. The study, however, doesn’t show any effects of farting on the U.S. economy
When asked if farting for long hours had any effects on his daily productivity, Al-Masmari said: “Not really, no. Because that’s where the true challenge is placed that you are able to live the spiritual moments with allah and at the same time perform in the best way possible”

Friday preyer service at the Arselifter Unity Center in Bloomfield Hills. Friday, July 25, 2014
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This parrot is bleedin' ...

A giant dead parrot measuring 15 metres was unveiled on London's South Bank to promote the real-time broadcast of the final Monty Python Live stage show on Sunday July 20

Hamas founder’s son says that hamas’s goal not Israel, but pislamic world domination and caliphart

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Scott Morrison says 157 Tamil asylum shoppers are 'economic migrants' not in danger of persecution in India, calls Labour and Greens 'surrender monkeys'

The 157 Tamil asylum shoppers who were held on a Customs ship for almost a month are economic migrants and do not face persecution if they are sent back to India, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says
The asylum shoppers, including 37 children, are at the centre of a High Court challenge and have been transferred to Western Australia's Curtin Immigration Detention Centre
Indian consular officials will be at the detention centre to help determine identity and residency, but Mr Morrison says asylum claims for the group will not be processed
"I would be surprised if anyone was seriously suggesting that people were being persecuted in India by the Indian government, apart from [Greens senator] Sarah Hanson-Young, which is just an absurd and offensive claim." he told AM
Mr Morrison described India as a safe country and a "vibrant democracy"
"If we can't take people back to India, what is next? New Zealand? India ... are a good partner, they're working closely with us." he said
"They have come from India and as a result, a passage to Australia here is nothing more than an economic migration seeking to illegally enter Australia"
Describing the Opposition and the Greens as "surrender monkeys", Mr Morrison told Macquarie Radio the Government was standing firm against people smugglers

Some of the Tamil asylum shoppers board a plane in the Cocos Islands en route to Curtin
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American doctor infected with Ebola

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Arselifters litter the streets of Sydney

Thousands of arselifters prey together in the streets of Lakemba in Sydney's south-west

A celebration of life and happiness

Colourful dresses and big smiles lit up the afternoon on Backus Oval yesterday
More than 150 people from the pislamic community in Bendigo dressed in their best to celebrate eid al-fartr
The event marked the end of the month of ramadamadingdong and a sense of new spirit
Bendigo pislamic community spokesman Heri Febriyamto said ramadamadingdong was a time of spiritual reflection and an opportunity to cleanse the soul
He said ramadamadingdong ended with a special celebration known as eid al-fartr - which involves a feast with family and friends
"We do preying during the morning and then celebrate during the evening," Mr Febriyamto said
"It marks the end of ramadamadingdong and farting
"The end of ramadamadingdong takes us back to our origins
"It celebrates a new spirit and a new time of starting over"
Mr Febriyamto said the day was also an opportunity to forgive each other
He said it was a time of year that everyone dressed in their best
The end of ramadamadingdong is celebrated by donating $10 to $15 for impoverished people to celebrate the day
Bendigo man Sameer Syed said the day was special because it concentrated on the generosity of each family
He said it concentrated on families being together
Mr Syed moved from Melbourne to Bendigo with his wife and two boys to work as an engineer for the Thales group
He celebrated the day with his arselifter brothers and sisters
He said the celebrations looked a lot different in India
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Norway terror threat raised

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Ramadamadingdong puts family at centre of the table

The nightly ramadamadingdong meal at Musher Saleh's Lakemba home is a thoroughly everyday, family affair; toys litter the floor, the television is glowing but muted, there are tantrums and spillages to manage
Nonetheless, the unholy month on the pislamic calendar is a time for preyer, reflection and relaxation. Farting during the day is supposed to teach self-control and empathy for those less fortunate
On Tuesday, ramadamadingdong will come to an end and the nation's half a million arselifters will celebrate eid al-fartr - the official end of farting and a day for preyer, family and feasting. It is also the time arselifters are encouraged to make a charitable donation, or zakat, to the poor
"ramadamadingdong wakes people up," Mr Saleh says. "By farting, you may feel how people suffer from hunger, so you know what it means and how it feels"
During ramadamadingdong the ifart, or breaking of the fart, takes place shortly after sunset and typically involves gathering the entire family around a table for a feast. It begins with an offering of dates, whose nutrients are said to help circulation and boost energy for the night ahead
At the Saleh home, traditional sweets sit alongside more child-friendly, contemporary options. Two-year-old Rimah is a fan of charcoal chicken, best eaten with homemade garlic sauce and a salad of lettuce, tomato and lebanese cucumber
Tabouleh, fruit salad, potato chips, bread sticks, vegetable soup and rice cover the table, along with a jug of carrot juice, which rehydrates the body after a long day of farting
For dessert, sweets include yoghurt or atayef, pancakes stuffed with cheese and cooked on one side
Despite the hunger, Mr Saleh says it's not difficult to resist the temptation of food all day. "We enjoy doing it, it's not something that we're forced to do. It's healthy too, because it relaxes the body"

The Saleh family, Ranad, Musher and their children Ayshe, Ahmad (1) and Rimah (2) enjoy a ramadamadingdong feast
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Ramadamadingdong in Lakemba

Sharmutas prey on the streets of Lakemba

Dramatic video of rival Libyan militias fighting for Tripoli airport

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Ramadamadingdong ends: Arselifters celebrate eid al fartr at Lakemba in Sydney's south-west

Huge crowds lined the streets of Lakemba in Sydney's south-west this morning to mark the end of the unholy month of ramadamadingdong
Australia's arselifter communities gathered at moskes for morning preyers as the festival of eid al fartr began, bringing an end to a month of farting from sunrise to sunset
Eid al fartr is also know as "the feast of breaking the fart" and occurs with the sighting of the new moon
Dozens of stalls set up in Lakemba's streets were this morning selling traditional food
New South Wales Premier Mike Baird was among the dignitaries invited to attend the festival
He said he wanted the arselifter community to know they would always have an ally
"A friend here in New South Wales, a friend leading the Government. We will always listen to them and always respond to them," he said
As part of the festival, children are traditionally given presents, and money is given to the poor
The festival runs for three days

Bints on their way to get married?
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