Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dershowitz: pink anti-Semitism Is no different from brown anti-Semitism

The core characteristic of anti-Semitism is the assertion that everything the Jews do is wrong, and everything that is wrong is done by the Jews. For the anti-Semite every rich Jew is exploitive, every poor Jew a burden on society. For the anti-Semite, both capitalism and communism are Jewish plots
To the anti-Semite, every depression, war, social problem, plague must have been the fault of the Jews. Whenever the Jews appear to be doing something good – giving charity, helping the less fortunate, curing the sick – there must be a malevolent motive, a hidden agenda, a conspiratorial explanation beneath the surface of the benevolent act
Nothing the Jew or the Jew among nations does can be praised, because its purpose is always to "manipulate," to "conceal," to "divert attention away from" or to "distort" the evil that inheres in all Jewish actions and inactions. That is the bigoted thesis of a new anti-Israel campaign being conducted by some radical gay activists who absurdly claim that Israel is engaging in "pinkwashing"

Mubark planned to overthrow my father: Sadat's daughter

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A silly hat parade

Sectarian tensions rising dangerously in the Middle East

Irak’s hezbollah movement has formed a new militia to silence protesters, said Ahmed Abu Risha, head of the Awakening National Council in the predominantly sunni Anbar province, where thousands have taken to the streets to demand political reforms and the release of prisoners
Wathik al-Batat, head of Irak’s hezbollah, announced the creation of the Mukhtar Army on Feb. 4, saying its aim is to defend shities and help the government combat terrorism. The “sectarian” militia was created with government consent, said Abu Risha
The government has ordered Batat’s arrest, with the Interior Ministry accusing him of being behind the Feb. 17 bombings in Baghdad which killed more than 100 people. He has reportedly fled to neighboring Syria. “If the government wanted to arrest Batat, it would’ve done so much earlier,” said Abu Risha, adding that the Iraki army is capable of protecting the country’s shities

Demonstrators in the province of Anbar criticized the alleged exploitation of anti-terror laws in Irak to detain sunnis wrongfully

Malaysia's political parties targeting youth vote

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Rioter Mahound Issai Issaka's bloodied badge of dishonour

One of the arselifters charged over the Hyde Park koranimal riots yesterday held up a blood-stained beanie in court as evidence was heard of the confrontation between police and protesters
Mahound Issaka at arrives at The Downing Centre Court
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Rage sharmutas

Homegrown French pislamist terror threat: hunt for Merdah accomplices continues one year on

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‘We are not corrupt’ says Paki transgender election hopeful

Sanam Fakir, 32, will be an independent candidate in Sukkur. Often incorrectly called eunuchs, the transgender community also includes hermaphrodites, transsexuals, transvestites and homosexuals all pushed to the margins of highly-conservative societies across South Asia
Hijras, who are heavily made-up, beg at traffic lights by day, exploiting a common fear that they possess a powerful curse, and prostitute themselves at night
In Pokistan, however, hijras have been given the vote and identity cards after a recent judgment by the Supreme Court. Another initiative offered hijras employment as tax collectors, harnessing their power to intimidate to drive up the country’s revenue collection rate
Fakir, who is running in Sukkur, which is traditionally dominated by the ruling Pokistan’s People’s Party, makes an unusual pitch for votes. “We are not corrupt. We have no need to be corrupt. We have no families and our own needs are limited. We are contented people”

A member of Pokistan’s transgender community is to contest the country’s forthcoming elections, the latest sign of the political empowerment of a people once feared and reviled
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Polio vaccination workers targeted in Pokistan

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Mystery of the massacred mobula rays

Just why did dozens of these bloodied sea creatures wash up on the beach in Gaza?
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On terror's new front line, mistrust hampers US strategy

The shooting clattered on for 30 minutes, residents of this dusty town say, and when it ended, four militants holding a German engineer hostage were dead. So were the engineer, and four innocent bystanders
In vast West Africa, a new front-line region in the battle against al kaeda, Nigeria is America's strategic linchpin, its military one the US counts on to help contain the spread of pislamic militancy. Yet Nigeria has rebuffed American attempts to train that military, whose history of shooting freely has US officials concerned that soldiers here fuel the very militancy they are supposed to counter

Sitting on left, Abubakar Shekau, leader of Nigerian militant group boko haram

Maldives court orders alleged teenage rape victim get 100 lashes

A Maldives court has sentenced a 15-year-old alleged rape victim to 100 lashes and eight months under house arrest after she admitted having had premarital sex in a separate incident
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Four koranimals guilty of sharia whipping

Indonesia shrugs at rising religious violence: report

Members of the pislamic Defenders Front (FPI) in 2008 after a march to celebrate religious freedom was disrupted by hardline korangutans
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20 Afghan police officers killed in two attacks; 6 wounded in bus attack

Twenty Afghan policemen were killed in two attacks on Wednesday, including a mass poisoning, in southeastern Afghanistan
In Ghazni Province, a group of 17 Afghan policemen who had just been trained by Americans were drugged into comatose stupors by comrades, described after the episode as taliban infiltrators, while on duty. They were then shot to death in what appeared to be the single worst episode in a string of similar attacks, according to Afghan officials and an insurgent spokesman
In Kandahar Province, three policemen were killed in what the taliban said was an attack carried out by one of its supporters, although police officials attributed the killings to a relative of one of the victims

Soldier stands at the scene of an attack against a bus carrying Afghan army personnel in Kabul on February 27, 2013

John Wayne's jihad

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Bali police identify methanol suspect

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Iranian Officials: Juice are responsible for the massacre of Rohingya arselifters In Burma

In an August 8, 2012 interview with the Rasa news agency titled "The Cruel Genocide Against The Arselifter People In Myanmar [Burma]," Ayatollah Ruhollah Karehi, head of the Imam Mahdi seminary in Tehran, blamed the Juice
He said: "The genocide of the [Rohingya] arselifters in Myanmar is ostensibly being carried out by the Buddhists, but we are certain that Judaism and Global Zionism are behind the massacre and the genocide against the koranderthals... The tenets of Buddhism are derived from Judaism. The Buddhists are a tool [in the hands] of the Juice, and 'Buddhism' is a name behind which [hides] the hand of Judaism and Global Zionism

Rohingya village in Burma burning last summer

Home of suspected uni sex attacker raided

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Riding the bus in Pokistan

Blind weightlifting champ portrayed as 'drunk' by the ABC

A champion weightlifter who is legally blind has slammed the ABC for portraying him as a binge drinker
Malek Chamoun, 24, was walking with a cane and guided by a friend during a rare night out in the city when he was caught on camera

The footage later appeared in "Punch Drunk," a Four Corners episode exploring "crisis levels" of binge drinking and serious assaults in Australia through the eyes of police and paramedics that went to air on Monday night

Malek now has hurt feelings
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Interview with asylum shopper's defence lawyer

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Asylum shoppers housed in commercial building in the centre of Parramatta

At least ten Sri Lankans are sleeping in converted offices in a single storey house that formerly was home to a drafting and engineering business in Marion St.
Among the men living in the office was Daxchan Selvarajah, 21, who allegedly broke into a female student room at Macquarie Univeristy and put his hands down the pyjama pants of a young woman who was sleeping

The property housing asylum shoppers in Parramatta
News report here. Asylum shoppers at Macquarie Uni. booted out. News report here.

Thailand: Police watch as korangutans prey on the streets of Bangkok

koranimals guilty of sharia punishment assault

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Staff to target pislamic College of South Australia on scarfs

An Adelaide pislamic school wants its teachers to wear the hedjab for school functions, or they could be sacked
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Filthy Arabs throw everything they've got at MAGAV - border police

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One way ticket to pislamic paradise

40 lashes under 'pislamic law': men guilty of assault

Four koranimals have been found guilty of giving a Sydney electrician 40 lashes with a cable, which they said was a punishment under pislamic law for drinking alcohol and using drugs
Zakaryah Raad, Tolga Cifci, Wassim Fayad, and Cengiz Coskun were today convicted of several charges relating to whipping Cristian Martinez, a revert to pislam, in July 2011

Wassim Fayad leaves Burwood Local Court last October. He has been found guilty of assault and stealing
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'I am not lying, Christianity emerged from penis, Christian women raise dogs to be their husbands'

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Is this Iran's Plan B for atomic bomb?

Fears that plutonium plant has been activated after satellite images show clouds of steam emerging from site
Inspectors have been barred from scrutinising the heavy-water production plant in Arak for the past 18 months

President Mahmoud Anmadinerjihad has insisted Iran's nuclear programme is peaceful
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Geert Wilders - The reality of pislam in Europe - Malmo, Sweden - October 27th 2012

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Does Philadelphia Have a “Burka Crisis?”

Some dhimmi named Joel Mathis thinks he can take on Daniel Pipes
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Chechen leader on Instagram, Azeris commemorate #Khojaly killings

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Target practice anyone?

Fury of 9/11 victim's family after Zero Dark Thirty makers use recording of their son's last words from Twin Towers - without their permission

Brad Fetchet worked on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center's South Tower and called his parents to tell them he was OK. It was the last time they would hear from him
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Slow Strangulation: 'Iran sanctions a war on ordinary citizens'

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Turkey aims to retrieve children fostered outside their culture

Turkey has embarked on a campaign to retrieve children of Turkish immigrant families living in Europe who are fostered by foreigners, and instead place them in homes where their cultural identity can be preserved
The step comes after a court in the Netherlands refused last week to return nine-year-old Yunus - who had been taken into care by a Dutch lesbian couple - to his biological Turkish family, reportedly citing the mother’s inability to speak Dutch
Turkey fears that children placed in Christian homes will forget their arselifter roots, and also disapproves of placements with gay couples

Richard, Coeur de Lion

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History in the making - first mixedgender shura session in Soddy Barbaria

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Afghan police 'sell weapons to taliban, are addicted to drugs and kidnap and rape young boys'

Police in an area of Afghanistan where 109 British troops died and hundreds were wounded trying to secure peace are riddled with corruption, child abuse, drug taking, kidnap and murder, a devastating investigation by Panorama (BBC) revealed
Weapons, ammunition and fuel paid for by UK taxpayers are being openly sold by Afghan officers - possibly to end-up with the taliban - while senior police refuse to crackdown of the abuse of young boys by their officers
Some officers appear drug-addicted, others are kidnapping civilians for ransom while in the past five weeks, four boys suspected of having been used as 'sex slaves' have been shot - one in the face - while attempting to escape from police commanders believed to have abducted them from their families. Three have died
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Inside Story - A decade of disaster in Darfur

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What a Hindu temple looks like after the arselifters have paid a visit

Soddy Barbaria helping Syrian rebels

Soddy Barbaria has financed a large purchase of infantry weapons from Croatia and quietly funneled them to antigovernment fighters in Syria in a drive to break the bloody stalemate that has allowed President Basher al-Assad to cling to power, according to American and Western officials familiar with the purchases
The weapons began reaching rebels in December via shipments shuttled through Jordan, officials said, and have been a factor in the rebels’ small tactical gains this winter against the army and militias loyal to Assad
The arms transfers appeared to signal a shift among several governments to a more activist approach to assisting Syria’s armed opposition, in part as an effort to counter shipments of weapons from Iran to Assad’s forces. The weapons’ distribution has been principally to armed groups viewed as nationalist and secular, and appears to have been intended to bypass the jihadist groups whose roles in the war have alarmed Western and regional powers

A mortar shell from the former Yugoslavia in seen in the hand of a rebel in Syria

1993 World Trade Center Attack Remembered

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Iraki doctor denies treating Saddam Hussein prisoners he knew were injured as a result of torture

Mahound Al-Byati, a sunni, is alleged to have carried out medical treatments on camp detainees in Irak between December 1992 and March 1994
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She's no wonder sharmuta

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EDL - Manchester - We Will Stand Our Ground!

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Kerry vows not to leave Syrian opposition ‘dangling in the wind’

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that the Nobama administration had been considering new steps to increase support for the Syrian opposition and hasten the departure of President Basher al-Assad and that some of the steps would be decided at an international conference in Rome on Thursday
“We are determined that the Syrian opposition is not going to be dangling in the wind wondering where the support is or if it’s coming,” Mr. Kerry said at a news conference in London. “And we are determined to change the calculation on the ground for President Assad”

US Secretary of State Kerry speaking with UK Foreign Minister William Hague, who has been urging the US to support the opponents of Assad

Upset with police presence, Choudarhead and his goons try and provoke arselifting cop

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Life in the turd world

A slum dweller throws water from a bucket after a fire in a slum at Mohakhali in Dhaka, Banglatrash

Sri Lankan asylum shopper Daxchan Selvarajah in custody over Macquarie University sex assault

A Sri Lankan asylum shopper accused of putting his hand down the pyjamas of a sleeping university student allegedly tried to break into a second unit about the same time the young woman was attacked
Jeanette Decker, 20, and Daisy Stone, 19, in their student house where one of their housemates was sexually assaulted last week
News report here. Related news report here.

Sheik Haron in court

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Luxor balloon safety back under the spotlight

Based on the flimsy premise that it couldn’t happen twice, at least not in the same week, I took a hot air balloon flight in Luxor in 2009, the day after a crash there in which 16 people were injured
Earlier this month I happened to see an interview with one of the survivors of that crash. It made for uncomfortable viewing, and although facts were still scant when I took my flight, I wonder if I'd been of sound mind
The next time I experience the Valley of the Kings however, it will be from the ground up. The 2009 crash in Luxor, caused by a pilot flying too close to a mobile phone mast, was not the first, and saw flights suspended for six months. Previous cases involved pilot error and flying in unsuitable weather conditions. Today's incident appears to have involved an explosion on board

Wreckage from Monday's balloon crash

Arselifters cannot start the hedjab too early

Korangutan bint in Indonesia

'EU would be a nightmare for Turkey'

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Mahound Issai Issaka faces court over 2012 Hyde Park koranimal protests

An arselifter charged over last year's Hyde Park koranimal protests has held up a blood-stained beanie in court as police have told of more than a dozen bottles being hurled at officers and pedestrians
Mahound Issai Issaka has pleaded not guilty to riot, assaulting police and resisting arrest during the protest on September 15, which was staged in retaliation to the You Tube clip The Innocence of Binnie
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pislamic scholar explains why drinking alcohol and sex with 72 virgins is not haram In paradise

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Sharmutas from an arselifter modelling agency in New York

High Court dismisses appeal in 'offensive' letters case

Man Haron Monis, also known as Sheik Haron, and his co-appellant, Amirah Droudis, are accused of sending letters to the widows and family members of several soldiers, referring to the dead men in what one judge described as 'a denigrating and derogatory fashion'
Man Haron Monis, whose appeal was turned down, speaks to the press at the pre-trial hearing in 2011
News reports here and here.

Parents of Aaron Dugmore, 9 yr old boy who was bullied to death, talk about their boy

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Catholic priest shot dead and church set on fire during Zanzibar music festival that promotes religious tolerance

Father Evaristus Mushi was shot dead by two men on motorcycles on the last day of the Sounds of Wisdom festival in Zanzibar and his death has prompted concern that religious tensions on the holiday island are increasing
Children dance at the Sounds of Wisdom festival days before a Catholic priest was shot dead on Zanzibar
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Burning it is safer than smoking it anyway

Alex Stewart smokes a koranus

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Turkish seculars oppose ‘Ottoman dress’ for airline hostesses

When flight attendants first rode aboard Turkish Airlines in the late 1940s they wore cotton blouses under blue suits tailored to accentuate “the contours of the body”. Now, the country’s shifting mores are reflected in a proposed new look: long dresses, skirts below the knee and Ottoman-style fez caps
This being Turkey, where seemingly trifling matters can become bitter contests over identity, mock-ups leaked to the news media have caused quite a stir, eliciting passionate reactions from the secular and the pious, and from those who support the traditions of modern Turkey and others who are nostalgic for the days of the Ottoman Empire

Turkish Airlines flight attendants in 1974 (L) and the proposed new uniforms (R)
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Homegrown French jihad terror: victim's mother claims Merdah did not carry out attacks alone

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Arselifters share the love of pislam

'I am so happy with my new face'

Time cover girl Aesha shows off results of incredible surgery after Afghan husband sliced off her nose
Aesha Mahoundzai, who now lives in Maryland, became a symbol of the oppression of sharmutas in Afghanistan after fleeing the war-torn country. Three years later and she has a new face and life. As part of the life-changing treatment, her forehead has ballooned and dark, drooping flesh now covers where her nose once was - before her husband sliced it off
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Tunisian salafi leader endorses martyrdom, vows to oppose communist leader by non-democratic means

Major power failure in Pokistan

Seventy per cent of the country plunged into darkness late Sunday night after the National Power Control Center (NPCC) developed technical faults
Talking to The Express Tribune on condition of anonymity, an official from the Pokistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) said an overload on the transmission system was behind the massive breakdown. He blamed the incumbent government for not upgrading the transmission and distribution system, and choosing instead to spend over Rs1 trillion on power subsidies
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What's in the box with the bloody dots

'Israel wants Iran regime change via US, nukes just excuse'

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Bizarre murder of Malaysian woman in Brunei

The investigation into a murdered Malaysian woman, Voon Su Ching, 39, whose body was cemented to a wall of her friend's house will be concluded in a few weeks' time. The Royal Brunei Police Force Commissioner is confident that the case will be solved soon
It was reported that prior to her murder, Voon had gone to the friend's house where she was given a set of keys to keep an eye on the bungalow for the owner who was away for the Chinese New Year holiday. However, when the owner returned a few days later, she saw a three-metre cemented slab in the garden and there was stench coming from it
The house where Voon's body was discovered

The owner immediately made a police report on that led to the discovery of Voon's body, five days after she went missing. Friends described Voon as a cheerful and friendly person who loved to joke
News reports here and here.

'Tortured' Falesimian inmate's funeral held

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An understandable mistake