Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rape victim's sister pleads for calm as racial tensions in Doonside escalate

The sister of a 14-year-old girl gang-raped in Doonside has desperately called for calm as racial tensions escalate in Sydney's western suburbs
Six noggers attacked the girl as she walked through Bill Colbourne Reserve on Saturday night, pinning her to a footpath and sexually assaulting her one by one for 30 minutes, police said
Police described the men as aged in their teens to early 20s and of "African" appearance, sparking fears of reprisal attacks between the local African community and the islander community to which the alleged victim belongs
The girl's older sister said friends of her brother were encouraging him "to go out there and fight". She took to Faceblock to beg friends and family to stay calm, saying "what we need is peace especially my parents and ... my baby sister"
"Please stop whatever negativity you have to say to my siblings about beating up gang bashing, jumping, dog shots whatevz," she said. "Let my family deal with what needs to be done to help our baby sister get through this"
She said her brother was "doing what he can" to help police and she asked others to assist by gathering names of potential suspects and handing them to police
"If a fight is what your [sic] looking for then please go away," she said. "Most of yous [sic] know [my brother] is the only brother us girls have, what use is he if hes behind bars?"
Fairfax Media has seen posts by two friends of the alleged victim threatening to kill and stab African residents of Doonside

The park where a 14-year-old girl was raped by a group of noggers on Saturday
News report here.

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