Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The utterly boring turban scene in Iran

Only clerics wear turbans in Iran, which come in two colours: black (for descendants of Mahound) and white (for others)
Thus we have endless boring photos from Iran

Khamenei and Rawhanus: dull, dull, dull

The most interesting photo from Iran: people carrying pre-rolled turbans. Do some of them appear to be a very pale mauve?

In Afghanistan and Pokistan (and likely the provincial parts of Iran), any man may wear turban. They are other colours than black and white (but still trend drab) and may include a cloth piece hanging down the front

Leaving the arselifter world entirely and shifting to India we begin to see bright colours!

And unusal variations in wrapping style

The classic Sikh turban is plain but may be any colour...

...and may be wildly decorated for special occasions

One is forced to conclude that Iran is in first place for boring turbans, and one must leave the arselifter world behind for truly spectacular examples. Mahound was not interest in fashion apparently

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