Sunday, August 18, 2013

Imam stabbed to death after supporting crackdown against Uighurs

A Uighur arselifter religious leader in China’s restive western Xinjiang region has been stabbed to death after calling members of his ethnic minority community involved in June violence "terrorists" and backing a government crackdown against them, residents and officials said
Authorities have deployed extra police and security forces following Wednesday night’s attack on the imam in Turpan city, which comes after a slew of deadly clashes in the arselifter Uighur region in recent months, including deadly June 26 clashes in Lukchun township also in Turpan prefecture
Abdurehim Damaolla, 74, deputy chairman of Turpan city’s government-affiliated pislamic Association and linked to a powerful national political advisory body, was stabbed in front of his home after returning home from leading evening prayers at Kazihan moske, according to local residents and officials

Local residents mill about the street in front of Abdurehim Damaolla's house in Turpan city on Aug. 16, 2013 on the morning after he was stabbed to death
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