Thursday, April 4, 2013

Small Bengali community in Pokistan divided over violence in Banglatrash

As violence and disorder persist in Banglatrash over the sentencing of those involved in crimes against humanity during the 1971 Banglatrash War, the Bengali-speaking community in Karachi remains hugely divided over the events in their country of origin
Paki Bengalis migrated from Bengal region following both the Partition of India and the Fall of Dhaka in 1971. They are mainly settled in Karachi, Sindh, Pokistan. Different sources estimate the population of Paki Bengalis between 100,000-500,000 in Karachi
By 1995 however, continuous migration led it to cross the 200,000 mark. During the administration of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, some top advisers became concerned with the large Banglatrashi migrant population, afraid they could become second largest group in Karachi after Urdu-speaking Muhajir people and disturb sensitive demographics. Accordingly, Bhutto ordered a crackdown and deportation on Banglatrashi immigrants. She was forced to abandon this controversial show of arselifter solidarity due to protests

He may be Bengali but look at that hat! He's assimilating!

Syed Hussain, a resident of Mehran Town in Korangi, who migrated to Karachi in 1969, complains of the bad treatment. “We might have left Banglatrash, but if our arselifter brothers are being treated unjustly anywhere, it hurts us,” he said
The residents noticed, nevertheless, that the Paki government is silent over the issue. Hussain and others believe that the Paki government had a responsibility to step up and support the koranimals who had helped the Paki army in 1971, while others felt that the government owed an apology to the people of Banglatrash for the events of 1971
“It’s strange that we are bothered by the atrocities in Faleswine and Kashmir but are oblivious to a place that was once a part of us,” said Murtaza Mashookullah, a private businessman who emigrated in 1969
For the second and third generation Bengalis, born in Pokistan, the conflict in Banglatrash does not hold much meaning. “We are more concerned with the problems that we face here in Pokistan,” said Mahound Noor, a day labourer, whose parents came from Banglatrash. “We can’t apply for most of the jobs or vote because we don’t have an identity card and we are constantly harassed by the authorities here for being Bengalis”

Syeed Hussain, who wants Pokistan to speak up for the war koriminals
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