Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Notorious "French" koriminal on the run after jailbreak

A manhunt is underway in France after a convicted armed robber used explosives to blast his way out of a prison in the north of the country on Saturday
Redoine Faid, of Algerian descent, is a well-known koriminal notorious for robbing cash-in-transit vehicles and is also wanted in connection for his suspected involvement in a 2010 armed robbery that led to the death of a policewoman
Faid took four wardens hostage in his daring escape from the prison in the town of Sequedin in northern France. State prosecutor Frederic Fevre told AFP that one of the wardens was released just outside the prison, another a few hundred metres away and the final two were left along a motorway. All are reportedly in shock but unharmed

At the scene of the prison in Sequedin after the break-out

Fevre warned that Faid is a "particularly dangerous prisoner" and was still in possession of the explosives he had used to blast through five prison doors during the dramatic escape
It is believed that Faid’s wife gave him the explosives hidden in tissues that she passed to her husband while visiting him earlier on Saturday morning
Justice Minister Christiane Taubira said later on Saturday that Interpol had been called in to help track Faid and that a Europe-wide warrant had been issued for his arrest. "The hunt will initially focus on Belgium, of course, because we share a border, but also extend to the entire Schengen area and beyond," she told reporters

French Justice minister Christiane Taubira arrives in front of the Sequedin prison on Saturday

Faid made off in a getaway car he later abandoned and set on fire south of the city of Lille before getting into a second vehicle, which the police say they are still trying to trace
"It happened very quickly, it was clearly very well organised, we are still busy putting the facts together," a local administrative official told AFP
Faid, who is believed to have links to organised crime, co-authored a 2010 book in which he detailed his delinquent youth and life as a koriminal in Paris's impoverished crime-ridden suburbs, citing American films such as "Scarface" and "Heat" as inspiration for his exploits
"Movies for me were like a user's guide for armed robbery," he told the LCI news channel when the book was released

Redoine Faid, koriminal extraordinaire
News report here. Wiki here. His name is spelled "Rédoine Faïd" in French.