Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thailand: major attack on military base repelled, 16 korangutans killed

Marines fending off a major militant assault on their base in Thailand’s violent south killed 16 korangutans in an overnight shoot-out on February 13. It was the deadliest toll the arselifters have suffered since more than 100 died in a single day nearly a decade ago
About 50 korangutans wearing military-style uniforms attacked the marine corps base in Bacho district in Narathiwat just after midnight on Wednesday, said Captain Somkiat Ponprayun, chief of the provincial marine corps special task force
The jihadis are thought to be fighting for autonomy, but the situation remains murky to outsiders, with korangutans making no public pronouncements on their goals
The losses on Wednesday were the heaviest since korangutans launched simultaneous attacks on police stations and checkpoints in the three provinces in April 2004, triggering clashes in which more than 100 jihadis were killed, 32 of them at the Kreu-Sae moske in Pattani where they were holed up
Late breaking: a group of armed korangutans arrived at a school and about a kilometre from the base Wednesday night, frightened off the security guards and attempted to burn the school. The fire was quickly put out

Earlier in the week on Sunday, five army soldiers were killed and one seriously wounded in a car bomb in Yala's Raman district. The soldiers were travelling in a truck assigned to pick up workers at a model farm. At a spot on the road, the army truck was blocked by a pickup truck loaded with a home-made bomb weighing about 50kg
Korangutans hiding on the road side detonated the bomb. The impact of the explosion overturned the soldiers' truck. Another pickup truck with at least six jihadis then arrived at the scene. They shot five soldiers dead, stole their individual weapons and fled. Two nearby rubber tappers were also wounded

The car bomb (still smoking, right) exploded and blew the military patrol vehicle off the road

In other news, a territorial defence volunteer was killed and his colleague seriously injured in an ambush in Pattani’s Yarang district early Saturday morning, police said. They were travelling in a truck and korangutans hiding in roadside rubber forest fired on them with assault rifles. The attackers then fled
In another incident, a policeman was wounded in a clash with suspected korangutans in Pattani's Khok Pho district on Monday afternoon. The clash occurred at about 3.40pm when a team of police rushed to Ban Pho Makrut on receiving a report that a number of jihadis were hiding in a house there
A para-military ranger was shot and seriously wounded in Rangae district of Pattani province on Tuesday afternoon, police said. A group of korangutans emerged from the bushes near the house and one of them shot Cpl Suthas with a handgun, hitting him in the nape of his neck
A suspect in the brazen killing of the arselifter teacher in front of the students last month was killed on Saturday during an attempt to arrest him
Authorities have been debating the use of curfews to curb the violence but there are many objections. Meanwhile the cabinet has approved a proposal to buy vehicle identification technology to help battle the southern insurgency

Number of violents attacks in southern Thailand by year
News reports: base attack here, here and here; school arson here; car bomb attack here; defence volunteer here; policeman wounded here; ranger wounded here; suspect killed here; curfews debated, vehicle identification technology here; data for violent attack chart here.