Saturday, February 16, 2013

pislamists rally against violence and for pislamic law in Egypt

Thousands of pislamists protested in Cairo on Friday against violence that has marred anti-government demonstrations, showing support for President Mahound Mursi, the Arselifter Brotherhood politician elected head of state last year
The "Together against Violence" rally was called by a hardline Salafi pislamist group that waged an armed revolt against the state in the 1990s. Al-Gama'a al-pislamiya, whose leadership renounced violence more than a decade ago, has entered mainstream politics since Hosni Mubark was overthrown in 2011
The Arselifter Brotherhood said it backed Friday's rally in a symbolic way but did not mobilize supporters for the event, meaning the numbers were smaller than at previous pislamist protests
Some of the demonstrators carried aloft banners that read: "People want an iron fist" and "Yes to pislamic law," while others chanted, "People want the law of God to be implemented"
A demonstrator, who supports the pislamic Jama'a and the Arselifter Brotherhood, holds up a koranus as he chants slogans in support of Egypt's President Mahound Mursi and the pislamic shariah around al-Nahda Square in front of Cairo University in Cairo February 15, 2013. Haven't we seen him before?
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