Sunday, February 17, 2013

pislam, one SMS at a time

In the run-up to the unholy arselifter month of ramadamadingdong, the number of spam SMS messages on pislamic themes — featuring verses from the koranus, the sayings of the false prophet Mahound, exhortations to be charitable and advice on how to prey — is soaring. For some, this use of mobile telephony is evidence of the Paki public’s growing pislamization. For others, it’s an annoying intrusion
Under the guise of outreach, arselifter organizations are mimicking advertisers and trying to tap the vast market of cellphone users in Pokistan, which boasted more than 114 million subscribers as of January 2013. In addition to promoting arselifter textbooks and deals for travel to Mucka, the text messages invite users to access more koranimal content via SMS after paying a premium
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