Monday, February 25, 2013

jihad mafia kills Tunisian youths

Radical imams and online salafists are pushing Tunisian young people to answer the call for jihad. Now they're dying by the hundreds in Syria
Young Tunisian Abdelkarim Jdirine is among the missing. "One day, he went to the moske but never returned," his sister Izdihar says. "A few days later, we found a message under our house door telling us that he went to seek martyrdom in Syria"
It is a growing phenomenon: Tunisian jihadists who embrace al-kaeda ideology and travel abroad to Mali and Syria. And it is starting to kill off a generation

A jihadi prepares to face Syrian government forces in the Suleiman al-Halabi district of Aleppo

Handlers for extremist networks use travel agencies to get the recruits to Turkey, says journalist Ali Garboussi, who spent time in Syria. The young jihadis cross onto Syrian soil through the Turkish city of Antakya. For many of these Tunisian youth, the process begins when they see online videos calling for jihad, Garboussi adds
"Recruiters target less educated and unemployed young people through financial incentives and religious fartwas," says Naceur Khechini, a professor of pislamic sharia. Radical groups are happy to use these Tunisians as cannon fodder, he adds. The recruits are reportedly subjected to systematic brainwashing and encouraged to become martyrs
At some of the country's 6,000 moskes, imams and khatibs are calling for jihad in Syria. But as Ahmed Bergaoui, an advisor to the religious affairs minister readily admits, the ministry cannot control all the moskes in the country

Salafists demonstrate in Sidi Bouzid. The majority of foreign fighters killed this month in Aleppo came to Syria from the central Tunisian town
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