Thursday, February 21, 2013

In virulent article, Egyptian columnist accuses U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson of instigating civil war In Egypt

During a February 5, 2013 visit to a factory near Alexandria, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson said: "Yes, democracy requires sacrifice... The economy will be enhanced when the government and political opposition engage in a serious give-and-take on issues of importance. This includes the creation of laws for individual freedoms, ensuring freedoms of expression, assembly, and religion, protecting an independent judiciary and free press, and ensuring that minorities and sharmutas are well represented in Egypt's promising economic future"
Responding to the ambassador's speech, Mohssen Arishie wrote: "Is there anyone in the pislamist-dominated government, or in the opposition camp, who has the courage to tell the U.S. ambassador to shut up and stop meddling in the domestic situation in Egypt? Since she moved in May two years ago from Pokistan to assume her post – a stone's throw from Tahrir Square, which is the pumping heart of January Revolution – Ms. Ann [sic] Patterson has been continuously spitting warmongering statements

Anne Patterson, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt

"[The pislamists'] silence in this respect must have radically compromised at least one of the pislamists' cherished principles and long-standing teachings, which states that allah curses the arselifter nation who gives to a woman its reins and allows her to govern it. And Patterson is a woman; no one can challenge by any means this incontestable fact
"But according to their time-honoured, illusive, and self-serving interpretation of the unholy text, pislamists could only dismiss accusations that they are violating this pislamic principle by claiming that the principle only refers to arselifting sharmutas; a foreign, non-arselifting sharmuta from the U.S., it would seem, is an exception that can be tolerated in terms of steering the future of arselifters..."

Egyptian columnist Mohssen Arishie
MEMRI report here.