Friday, February 1, 2013

Deadly fighting in Kabkabiya, North Darfur

Two people have died and several others were severely injured in assaults by pro-government jihadists in the past week in this town in northern Darfur, Sudan
The latest attack happened on Tuesday at 8:00pm when koranimals killed and ran off with the motorbike of a student from the El-Amiriya secondary school, Mahound Adam Ahmed, onlookers told Radio Dabanga

UNAMID (UN Mission in Darfur) also urges the Sudanese Government, North Darfur authorities and leaders from both tribes to end fighting and give dialogue a chance. The fighting has reportedly erupted on 5 January, and resulted in a number of casualties, looting, burning of nearby villages, and the displacement of thousands of civilians forced to flee towards Kabkabiya, Saraf Omra and Al Sereif towns
Difficulties in the area of Darfur still occur. On January 2, two UNAMID personnel were released from captivity after being abducted on 20 August 2012

UNAMID personnel travel by bus after 136 days in captivity
News report here. UNAMID press release here. UNAMID Facebook entries on rescued personnel here and here.