Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crisis: Israeli lighters discovered at Lebanon duty-free shop

The presence of an Israeli-made lighter has caused a minor scandal at Lebanon’s Beirut International Airport
The operator of a store there put the product on display in the duty free area, after removing all evidence that pointed to their Israeli origin, including the Hebrew script on their packaging. However, management of the store wasn’t thorough in its deception, failing to erase the Hebrew script on boxes for the lighters that were shipped to their warehouse
How did the “enemy” lighters make their way to Lebanon? According to Al-Akhbar, a Lebanon-based daily, paperwork attached to the boxes revealed that the primary destination was Tel Aviv-Milan. Upon the goods’ arrival in Milan, another form was affixed over the Israeli one, stating that the items were being shipped from Milan to Beirut
Lebanese law makes dealing with Israeli companies, whether directly or otherwise, an offense punishable by imprisonment for three to 10 years
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