Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bizarre murder of Malaysian woman in Brunei

The investigation into a murdered Malaysian woman, Voon Su Ching, 39, whose body was cemented to a wall of her friend's house will be concluded in a few weeks' time. The Royal Brunei Police Force Commissioner is confident that the case will be solved soon
It was reported that prior to her murder, Voon had gone to the friend's house where she was given a set of keys to keep an eye on the bungalow for the owner who was away for the Chinese New Year holiday. However, when the owner returned a few days later, she saw a three-metre cemented slab in the garden and there was stench coming from it
The house where Voon's body was discovered

The owner immediately made a police report on that led to the discovery of Voon's body, five days after she went missing. Friends described Voon as a cheerful and friendly person who loved to joke
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