Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Afghan police 'sell weapons to taliban, are addicted to drugs and kidnap and rape young boys'

Police in an area of Afghanistan where 109 British troops died and hundreds were wounded trying to secure peace are riddled with corruption, child abuse, drug taking, kidnap and murder, a devastating investigation by Panorama (BBC) revealed
Weapons, ammunition and fuel paid for by UK taxpayers are being openly sold by Afghan officers - possibly to end-up with the taliban - while senior police refuse to crackdown of the abuse of young boys by their officers
Some officers appear drug-addicted, others are kidnapping civilians for ransom while in the past five weeks, four boys suspected of having been used as 'sex slaves' have been shot - one in the face - while attempting to escape from police commanders believed to have abducted them from their families. Three have died
News report here.