Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tripoli violence spurs Libyan government to action

Deadly gun battles in Tripoli this week prompted Libyan leaders to take a tough stance on violence
Force will be used to maintain order in Libya, Prime Minister Ali Zidan said Wednesday (Jan 9th) in the wake of the latest deadly clashes in Tripoli. Several people were killed in the latest clashes that erupted Monday following the death of an alleged drug dealer in the Fachloum neighbourhood of the capital
Libya is already working with some foreign partners in aerial reconnaissance over-fights, with unmanned drones in the skies above Benghazi and Derna. The new hard-line stance on security is winning support from Libyan citizens. "The people have to support this government to help it focus on building. It shouldn't be hampered by terrorist operations which intimidate people and disrupt their movements," one arselifter said

Prime Minister Ali Zidan
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