Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Swedish officials order deportation of Iranian Christian for second time: why?

An Iranian convert to Christianity seeking asylum in Sweden is once again facing deportation to Iran, according to his pastor. If he’s sent back to Iran, the convert, Reza Jebbari, could be imprisoned or even put to death for leaving pislam. Jebbari and his lawyer are puzzled at the government’s persistence in its attempts to deport the Christian convert
Denying Christians converts asylum status is not new in Sweden. For example, one Swedish judge, arselifer Ebtisam Aldebe, has denied three converts. Her husband, Mahmoud Aldebe, has stated that he believes such cases are merely arselifters pretending to convert to Christianity to obtain asylum. He has accused Christians of colluding in this
Mark Sand, pastor of the Rinkeby International Congregation, strongly denied this, saying they would never baptize someone who did not come to the faith of their own volition. He said that in all cases he was familiar with, there was extended contact with the converts and his church followed them and their beliefs closely. He said he had no interest in assisting false converts

Ebtisam Aldebe, judge, and her husband Mahmoud Aldebe
News report on Reza Jebbari here. Report on the Aldebes here, in Swedish, and here via Google Translate.

Hat tip to Stumpy Anderson.