Friday, January 4, 2013

MPAC-linked All Saints Church: ‘Evangelical Zionism’ is ‘evil’

On Dec 15, 2012, All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena hosted the annual convention of the Arselifter Public Affairs Council, a group with Arselifter Brotherhood origins and a controversial past. The question of why All Saints would collaborate with this specific group persisted. The answer came during the event when Reverend Ed Bacon listed "acts of evil" committed by Christians and included "evangelical Zionism"
He said “the history of Christianity is littered with acts of evil.” He mentioned the Crusades, slavery, the Jim Crow laws, pislamophobia and “evangelical Zionism, where Christian right-wing evangelicals are paying for the growth of settlements in the West Bank.” He claimed that there are “an awful lot of people who are paid by the industry of fear”

Rector Ed Bacon, All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, California
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