Monday, January 28, 2013

18 Afghan police officers killed in two attacks

At least 18 Afghan police officers were killed in two separate explosions Saturday in Afghanistan, officials said Sunday, one of the bloodiest days in months for the force charged with the country’s security once Western troops leave
In the first attack, a suicide bomber targeted a group of police officers in northern Kunduz province. Ten officers, including the city’s counter-terrorism chief, were killed. A spokesman for taliban-led koranimals said the strike was carried out by a member of the group
The second incident happened hours later in the former stronghold of pislamists in southern Kandahar, a spokesman for the provincial governor said. Eight police officers and two suspected koranimals they had detained were killed when the vehicle they were traveling in struck a roadside bomb. No group has claimed responsibility for the second blast, but the taliban relies on roadside bombs in its campaign against foreign and Afghan forces
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