Friday, December 28, 2012

The Italian 'paradox' on asylum shoppers

Italy has a good record of granting asylum status, but a 'disgraceful' follow-through, characterized by an absence of resources and a neglect that adds unnecessary hardship to already tattered lives and is creating a potential tinderbox for social unrest
Italy has only about 3,150 spots in its state-funded asylum shopper system, where refugees receive government assistance. Waiting lists are astronomical. Most fled a life of war and hardship in Sudan and the Horn of Africa. Nearly all have refugee status, or some form of protection, but they have been unable to find steady work in Rome

More than 800 refugees inhabit this structure, called 'Salaam Palace'

Under current EU rules, known as Dublin II, asylum shoppers are evaluated and processed in the country where they first enter the European Union. Their fingerprints are taken and put into a databank. If the refugees leave and are found in another EU country, they are returned to their point of entry. Many residents of the Salaam Palace wistfully recounted fleeting months of freedom — and hope — in France or Britain or Germany before being “Dublined” back to Rome

Volunteers give medical assistance to refugees at Salaam Palace
Whining news article here.